T-Shirt Quilts

Creative Stitches Studio creates CUSTOM t-shirt quilts wit

h skill and the highest quality materials to make a one-of-a-kind t-shirt quilt for you.  Each quilt is PERSONALIZED from your own t-shirts and is a FUN way to save your memories.  Each t-shirt quilt will have SENTIMENTAL value and will become an HEIRLOOM.  YOU SUPPLY THE SHIRTS, WE SUPPLY EVERYTHING ELSE!!!Design a memory quilt as a special gift today!How are T-shirt quilts made?

 T-shirt quilts consist of:

Once the t-shirts are sewn together for the top layer, we use our Innova longarm quilting machine to artfully join all the layers into a beloved quilt or wall hanging.

COLLAGE LAYOUT QUILT: $17.00 per square.

The t-shirt quilt squares are prepared as above, but are sewn together without sashing between the blocks. This presents as a more casual look. Different size graphics can be incorporated in a collage quilt.  You can use as many shirts as you like.  The size of your quilt depends on the number of t-shirts you provide.  



 QUILTS WITH SASHING:  $19.00 per square

                 Additional Charge for additional sashing


                                     Chart for T-Shirt Quilt with Sashing

          Please contact us for other layouts and designs                                      12 Shirt Minimum



Standard Quit Sizes (for reference):

Lap Quilt   54” x 72”

Twin          54” x 86”

Double      72” x 90”

Queen       90” x 108”

King           108” x 108”