Quilting Services

To calculate the area of your quilt in square inches, multiply the length (in inches) by the width (in inches). Then to calculate estimated price, multiply by the cost per square inch.

EDGE-TO-EDGE QUILTING (also know as Pantograph or Overall): 

Simple and Moderate density  Edge to Edge patterns   $.02 per square inch 

Designer/Dense  Edge to Edge patterns  $.025-.035

T-SHIRT QUILTS:  See T-shirt Quilts Tab.

CUSTOM QUILTING:  Starts at $0.08   per square inch. 

        Custom Quilting is an individual treatment for your quilt. Specific designs and motifs will be quilted in your blocks and borders. This may include echoing, cross-hatching, grid-work, microstippling, stitch in the ditch, etc.   Currently not accepting quilts for custom quilting.

BASTING:  $0.0075 per square inch for horizontal and vertical basting at 3 inch intervals.  $50.00 minimum.  


    Half binding (attached front only): $0.35  per linear inch.

    Full binding (Sewn down on back):  $0.45  per linear inch.

     This includes making the binding.

 Preparation of the quilt!

 ·        *** Please note that the backing  and the batting must be least 8 inches larger than the quilt.***

·        $70.00 Minimum quilting charge.

     RUSH CHARGE:  $75.00

          DEPOSIT:  $150.00 or one half of estimated cost.

·        We offer Quilt BATTING  (Quilters Dream)

·        We offer Quilt BACKING fabric.


CONTACT US  !!!    We would love to answer your questions and help you design a quilt!