About Us

Creative Stitches, LLC is a longarm quilting company located east of Asheville in Fairview, North Carolina. We specialize in free motion and computerized longarm quilting, quilt designs, custom-made quilts, bindings , t-shirt quilts, and memory quilts.

We use the ABM Innova International with AutoPilot to finish our quilts.  There are a wide variety of patterns in our library for you to choose, from continuous line to block designs. And if you are looking for something extra-special, we can make a custom design tailored to your specifications.  We also offer a wide variety of thread colors from solid to variegated.

At Creative Stitches Studio, we believe that each quilt has a unique style and will work with you to create a finished quilt that can be enjoyed for many lifetimes. Call for your free quilt design consultation today!


Tennette Curry, Chief Quilter, Fabric Hoarder

    Tennette is a lifelong lover of fiber arts, including quilting, sewing, knitting and crocheting. Growing up in the Southern Appalachians, she learned these country "arts" from a long line of talented women. When she was six, she made her first quilt top out of shirt scraps. Around 1999, when her interest in quilting was rekindled, that quilt top was one of the first that she quilted into a finished piece. In 2011, after many years of dreaming and planning, Tennette purchased a longarm quilting machine and founded Creative Stitches Studio.

Candace Curry, Webmaster, Marketing Designer, Opinion-giver (whether Tennette wants them or not).

    Tennette's daughter Candace also is a fiber-fanatic and enjoys spinning, knitting, sewing, quilting, and creating awesome stuff in general. Although her day job is rather demanding (she is a med student), she finds time to help her mom out by designing marketing materials, managing the website, and giving extremely valuable advice (the writer of this website denies any bias).